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Where can I share my survey?

There are very few places that you can't a Responster survey.  Anywhere a regular web link can be opened, you're good to go - but you're not just limited to that either!

Let's take a look at the sharing options we've already built into Responster:



Web link:  Web links are regular links to your survey that you can share whever you like.  Creating multiple web links and sharing them in different places can help you to differentiate between the various sources of your survey answers.  For example, creating a separate link to share with your email list from the link you share on social media can help you determine how the two audience respondent differently when viewing your results later on.


Share to app:  Share your survey to a connected device (or connect a new one) running the iOS or Android app.  Responster's app will allow you to share your surveys in fullscreen on most tablets or smartphones.


Embed on website:  Embed your survey on a page of your own website.  You will be able to set the dimmensions of an embeddable iframe and place it anywhere on your site.  For more on how to embed a survey, read this article.


Email share:  Email share allows you to paste in a list of email addresses to all be sent a link to your survey at the same time.  Before sending, you'll be able to customize your subject line, sender name, and message content.


Live Survey:  The Live Survey feature allows you to place a popup survey bar along the bottom of your website, much in the same way many websites have a 'Live Chat' widget.

The live survey can be customized to include custom teaser text, auto-delay time before expanding and displaying to visitors, and more.  Please note, Live Survey currently displays on every page of your site once implemented, not just one single page.  If you need to exclude pages, please get in touchat [email protected]


Facebook share:  Share a post with your survey link directly to your Facebook profile!


Twitter share:  Share a tweet with your survey link directly to your twitter profile!

Google+ share:  Share a post with your survey link directly to your G+ profile!

LinkedIn share:  Share a post with your survey link directly to your LinkedIn audience!