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What is Responster?

Responster is survey solution that's simple, yet powerful, beautiful, and powerful where it matters.

Responster turns your surveys into great user experiences that boost response rates. Designed from scratch for today’s diverse world of smartphones, tablets, and browsers, we aim to accomodate as many survey building and sharing goals as possible.

With Responster, you can share your surveys online using web links, embeds, and social sharing, or collect on-site data with our iOS and Android apps.

Intuitive, real-time reporting that helps you understand your survey responses at every level, whether you need at-a-glance analytics, or to delve deep into your data.

More than anything, Responster is a response to the wants and needs of the surveying community at large, and you can contact us at any time with suggestions, feedback, or questions.

With love,

Team Responster