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What info can I see from the "Devices" page?

Using the Responster app for iOS and Android you can collect data from anywhere, even when your device is offline. On the Devices page, you get full control of your connected devices. Let's go through some of the basics! 

Note: If you haven't setup your device yet but would like to do it, learn how to setup an iOS device here and an Android device here.

The Devices page

When you've logged in to your Responster account you find the Devices tab in the main menu to the left. Click on it to go to the Devices page.

Connected devices

Connected devices show up in a list, as shown in the picture below.

The following is a presentation of each part of the device entry, from left to right.

Device name and type

The first piece of information about the device is its name and device type.

The name of the device is set on the device itself and is not controlled through Responster.

Survey and source

The two drop down menus tell what survey and source the device is currently connected to.

From here you can also change the survey or source, providing that the device is online. 


The status symbols are used to tell the device's current status. The first symbol tells if the device is collecting data or not, the second symbol tells if locked mode is activated or not, and the third symbol tells if the device is charging or not.


  • Green icon (all symbols): All is good
  • Yellow icon: The app is running but isn't collecting data (collecting symbol) or the battery level is running low (charging symbol).
  • Red icon (all symbols): Something is wrong.

Note: You can learn more about locked more on iOS devices here, and Android devices here.

More info

By clicking on More info, you can get more information about this device such as who is logged in on the device and when was it last used. If any of the status symbols show yellow or red, you can get more information regarding this. 

Placement of devices

Choosing Placement of devices in the top menu you can see where your devices are located on a map. This is useful if you have many devices deployed on location and need to know where they are.