How do I view individual answers? | Responster Knowledgebase

How do I view individual answers?

Responster has two primary ways of sorting your responses on the 'Analyze' page.

The first is "Summary" view.  Summary view sorts your results by question, meaning that you view every answer for question one, then every answer submitted for question two, etc.

Example of analytics viewed in "Summary" view.


Sometimes, however, you may want to see all of the answers given by one single respondent - this is obviously useful for following up with specific individuals based upon their answers, among other things.

Example of "Individual" view, where all of one respondent's responses to your survey's questions are grouped together.


Here's how you can switch between Summary and Individual view:

Step 1) Head to the 'Analyze' page for the survey you're working with.


Step 2) Click on the green and white circular icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3) Click the "Summary" field to expand a dropdown menu, then choose "Individual answers".

Your Analyze page will briefly reload, then display your survey data in the individual answers format!