How do I embed a survey on my webpage? | Responster Knowledgebase

How do I embed a survey on my webpage?

It's easy to embed a survey you've made right into your own webpage; let's take a look at how:


Step 1)  Head to the 'Share' tab of the survey you wish to share.  You can do this either from within the survey editor, or from your Workspace homepage (both pictured below):

(Above) Accessing Share from the survey editor.

(Below) Accessing Share from the Workspace homepage.

Step 2)  Click 'Embed On Website'

Step 3)  Choose a source - for your embedded survey.  Sources allow you to differentiate where your responses have come from.

Step 4)  Choose the size you want your survey frame to display at.  You may set a custom width and height by choosing 'Custom'.

Step 5)  Copy the generated code, and paste it into your website's HTML where you would like it to appear!