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How do I clear / reset the results of a survey?

Sometimes, you just need a clean slate.  Here's how you can reset the results of your survey and clear out any responses from its analytics:

1) Head to the "Analyze" page for the survey you would like to reset.

 Note: This screenshot is taken directly from the Workspace screen.  If you're already editing your chosen survey, you'll find "Analyze" in the top menu of the website, instead.

2) Click the green and white graph icon in the top right corner of the page.



3) Click on the "Export data" tab. 


4) In the bottom of this window, press "Clear data", then "I'm sure."


Previously recorded responses should now be removed from your survey!

Note:  Deleting your survey's data is permanent.  If you need to keep any of the responses you've collected, consider Exporting Your Data first, or simply Make A New Copy of your survey.

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