How do I change a user's access level within a Workspace? | Responster Knowledgebase

How do I change a user's access level within a Workspace?

When users are a part of a Workspace, they can be assigned different roles to limit or expand which surveys they can share and view results from.


Step 1) Head to the 'Members' tab of your Workspace.



Step 2) Click the image of the user whose access you'd like to edit.

Step 3) If you would like this user to have unrestricted access to all surveys in the Workspace, simply click the first dropdown menu, select 'Administrator', then click 'Save changes and close'.

If you want to make more precise access adjustments, continue to Step 4.


Step 4) For every survey on the Workspace, you may assign the user an access level.  You may completely restrict or open up a survey to a user by toggling the 'No access' / 'Full access'.



Alternatively, you may let users only the results a survey has collected via specific Sources but toggling individual source sliders underneath a given survey.

Note:  In order for your users to see their permission level changes reflected, they may need to referesh the Responster website.  If they're using the Responster iOs or Android app, they should ask the app to Sync.