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Adding Questions & Other Elements to Your Surveys

When you begin building a survey, you'll be presened with four types of blocks near the top of your screen, representing the four survey elements Responster allows you to build with.  They are:

Start Page:  Every survey must begin with a start page.  This page features a name an description for your survey, and can optionally display an image, such as a company logo.  From this screen, respondents will tap or clock an arrow button to proceed to your first question.

Question:  Questions are the building blocks of your survey.  With new question types added regularly, you can use free-response, multiple choice, rating scales, and more to get needed information from your respondents.

Summary Screen:  The summary screen lets you present respondents with all of their answer choices just before hitting submit.  Of the four survey building blocks, it is the only non-required element.

End Page:  After respondents have finished a survey, they will be shown your end screen.  On this screen, you can thank respondents for their time, let them know you'll be in touch, or display any other relevant message before the survey is reset or exited.


Add Any Survey Element by clicking and dragging it into the workspace below.  As soon as you've released a survey element where you want it, you will be taken inside of that element to edit it, change titles and text, etc.

When adding a Question element, you'll be presented with an inbetween step as well:  selecting your question type.  After choosing which of the ten question types you'd like to use, you'll be taken inside of the question to edit it.

*Note:  At any time while editing an iidividual question, you can click the 'Go back to my storyboard' button in the top left corner of your screen to return the storyboard of your survey. 

Continue adding survey elements to your survey until it's complete, then simply add a summary screen, if you want one, before ending the survey with an End Page element.

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