How do I add a new user to my Workspace? | Responster Knowledgebase

How do I add a new user to my Workspace?

Workspaces allow teams to collaborate with each other, so it's good to know how to invite your colleagues and friends to them!


Step 1) While viewing the Workspace you would like to add a user to, click on the "Members" tab along the top menu.


Step 2) Click the "Add new user" button in the top right corner of the Members screen.

Step 3) Enter the email of the person you would like to invite to your workspace.  Note: The person does not need to already have a Responster account associated with the email you invite.


Step 4) Choose a role (administrator or user) for your invitee.

Step 5) Click "Invite"!

Your invitee should now be added to your Workspace.  At any time, you can adjust their access level or remove them from your Workspace by clicking their portrait in the Members page.